Research has been proven that small businesses are more likely to achieve higher revenues and increased business growth if they receive valuable mentoring.

At Mentoring Britain, we understand that first-time entrepreneurs are likely to face major implications in their early-stages and unfortunately, may lack some knowledge in specific areas that would otherwise benefit them in such circumstances.

Having a mentor with experience and understanding of the problems your business will face can be invaluable, possibly being the difference between your business dying or surviving.

Below is a list of 3 things you should consider when choosing the right mentor for you:

Find a mentor that is interested

A mentor should want to help you because they are personally interested in your services and the potential it has, not for financial gain. Someone that is genuinely keen to see your venture thrive will be more honest about your weaknesses and strengths, allowing you to feel comfortable to discuss your mistakes with them and therefore build a mutual understanding and respectful relationship.

Look for experience

Your mentor should have extensive knowledge of running their own business, specifically in
the industry you are in. This way you’ll feel more inclined to trust their judgement and to take the appropriate steps based on their advise.

Keeping your mentor happy

In order for it to be a healthy mentorship, you must take your mentors needs into consideration. They’re most likely to be passionate about entrepreneurship and will want you to show your appreciation for their time. Staying engaged with them and regularly asking for their opinion on important decisions is key to keeping your mentor happy.

Where to find your perfect mentor?

Look out for our upcoming Speed-Mentoring events where you will get the chance to meet a group of expert mentors, ranging from those that are running successful companies, through to those that have made companies and sold them for millions, with the essential skills you will need to take your business to the next level.