The 3 Biggest Mistakes Startups Make and How To Avoid Them:

Running your own business can get tough. It takes a lot of courage to dedicate all of your time, money and energy into something that may or may not work out in the long-run. Being an entrepreneur you have to be optimistic, innovation ultimately requires experimentation which unfortunately comes with high risks. This is why it’s so important to avoid even the smallest mistakes.

1. Don’t misinterpret your market

One of the most detrimental mistakes a business owner can make when launching a new company is misinterpreting the market. You must carry out and analyse adequate market research in order to find out what your customers truly need. If you fail to do so, it can end your business before it even starts, leading to either underestimating or overestimating costs, appealing to the wrong target demographic, or poorly gauging the demand.

2. Managing cashflow inappropriately

There are many reasons why a startup may run out of money, and usually it’s due to poor finance management. Business owners are often excited to expand their team, invest in their sales & marketing ideas and are eager to scale-up. However, this can be greatly damaging if performed too early. Startups should wait until they have reached the right position before trying to accelerate to the next stage and spending money they don’t necessary have. When hiring, be generous with share options and commission – not on salaries.

3. Neglecting the brand

Underestimating the value of branding for a business is a massive mistake startups  often make. Many new startup owners believe a simple logo and website covers this. A brand is much deeper, it represents the overall perspective people have of your business. It provides value, a guiding light to your employees and makes acquiring new customers easier. Make sure you spend time on building your brand identity before starting your marketing strategy, this way you can be sure you’re promoting messages to your audience that effectively reflect your business.

Unfortunately, avoiding mistakes is easier said than done and although you can try to not make them, they are inevitable. Ignoring the lessons they teach you would be the biggest mistake of all. Therefore, acknowledge them, embrace them and move on.