Our SME Programme

From the high-street retail shop to the high-tech cyber security firms, there are now more than 5 million SMEs in Britain; a considerable subgroup of fast-growing, dynamic businesses. They account for 48% of employment and 46% of private sector turnover. Over nineteen out of twenty firms in the land today employ fewer than ten people.

Mentoring Britain is using its expertise in aggregating all forms of strategic advice and assistance readily available to SMEs across the UK, so these SMEs can make a difference to the country’s economic well-being for future business owners and their employees.

Our SME Scale-Up Programme

Our programme is designed to deliver strategic advice and best practice to large numbers of small and medium sized businesses in an efficient and targeted way. Achieving direct face-to-face interaction with SME business owners across the UK is not easy. It requires advisers and providers who are close to and trusted by businesses in their local communities and sectors of business.

In response to this need for help and advice, Mentoring Britain has developed a nationwide network of SME focused events where directors and managers can meet directly and engage with advisers and providers that help grow and scale-up their business.

Mentoring Britain’s network offers a full range of support for SMEs in areas such as:

• Software infrastructure and services
• Intellectual property and branding
• Finance and business risks
• Marketing and Public Relations
• Growth planning and exporting
• Digital marketing and social media
• Supply chain and logistics
• Employment, Mentoring and Business Support

Are you a Small Business Owner?

If you are growing your business and want to find out more about our programme of events for SMEs, don’t hesitate! Get in touch with us at info@mentoringbritain.com or call us today on 020 3865 0317.