Content is King, as is often said assertively. Well their right when it comes to attracting the right kind of audience, as this brings a closer engagement directly with your speakers.

Creating content from your event whilst its happening is an incredible opportunity for:

Exclusive, it’s all yours, so no image rights and permission required from third parties.

Co-created. Meaning fantastic sharing opportunities and the attendees at the centre of what’s going on. This creates an environment where they more likely to share it.

By the way, the biggest Elephant in the room is not around here! As it’s free to gather this content and there is no major resources or planning required as its right in front of you. Just be creative.

However for a more in-depth view of the whole plan, here is a basic checklist.

Create a strategy for photos for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and a timeline for posting them.

You can of course video the event, however it’s always good manners to advise the audience that this you are about to do and where the content will be posted.

If you are tapped into the traditional print and digital media, then there another alternative route to create the attention by a press announcement.

Inside your event you can be as creative as you like, manifesting a mini exhibit from sponsors or supporters, adding value for your clients.

Another popular theme is the delivery of educational presentations. Which is an effective way of introducing White papers of your own origin for open discussion within the forum?

Depending on your agenda, before the general session start, always grab the opportunity to create some early networking content. This done by typically providing the necessary stimulation by a varied selection of beverages and nibbles. We suggest around 30 minutes as this not only relaxes the audience but also creates selfies, photos, vlogging and sharing whilst in session from the attendees seated, which of course you can encourage them to do, by an announcing this at the start.

Hopefully this stimulates you into dipping into the opportunities for content creation that live events are capable of uniquely delivering.

Good Luck.

Gary Santino