WeWork is taking the startup and coworking community by storm, offering relaxing home from home environments and all the things necessary required so you do not to leave the building , as you find yourself being attached to it, like a second home.This week at the spacey Old Street Offices they had their first opening party, there was free drinks all night a DJ and you could bring a guest; well it was packed as can be seen by my mobile pic.

The idea of coworking for me seemed initially alien, as I am used to having my own offices, like most traditional businesses I suppose. You get to a size then expand to match needs with budget available.

It’s a personally challenging  notion to be sitting in an office, where you can see every passer-by, who gets to see everything going-on or not as the case may be, from inside your floor to ceiling glass walls. Well the effects that transpired were again not expected.

  • You are not alone, as everyone else is in the same boat.
  • You get to network with literally dozens of new companies in various stages of development and service provision.
  • You have the ability to find someone to share that Social Media, Content management etc.… First hand, because you are literally surrounded by experts and talented people of every business challenge that could be probably thrown at you.
  • I have been fortunate to meet a vibrant and motivated, whilst very approachable crowd.

I think that coworking has to be the future in this way, for all those Entrepreneurs and Start-ups out there.

Being surrounded by talented and positive people, who are probably in and around the same stage as you are in your venture, is an uplifting feeling, when you are putting everything you have into your new passion. You will probably find like me, that there will be questions that someone in your coworking space can help with and has the experience to back it up.

All in all coworking is a positive thing, so in my mind, if in doubt find somewhere near you and visit them to see what they can offer and you like me, might be very pleasantly surprised.

Good Luck