Our passion for being involved with smaller events, evolved from the sudden realisation that when attending your average seminar with 100 or more attendees, you were just as likely to meet maybe half a dozen people that could turn out to be practical from a business objective, from a small gathering of less than 50 people, as you would from even 200 plus. This was the first motivation and reason to be involved in this fragmented world of Start-up and SME events.

How could we simply get more people meeting each other in a more intimate and sociable environment, in view of the fact that there is an incredibly diverse range of topics available to choose from. There is also a seemingly an endless supply of such events looking to help these small businesses and Start-ups get access to the right experts and advice.

Since this ‘light bulb’ moment, our own enterprise has been met with equal enthusiasm and support from all those we have asked for some form of involvement or assistance. Our network now reaches out to literally thousands of different Business Support groups and Not for Profit organisations. We have been very fortunate to receive the support and welcomed speakers at our events from such Government Departments as UKTI, Companies House, The Intellectual Property Office and The Skills Funding Agency.

Our work is only just beginning and has a very long way to go on the task of really making an impact on those we are setting out to assist and guide on their own journey. The UK is a great place to start-up a business and I believe that we are a very creative and enterprising nation. Our goal is to make a contribution to our economic wellbeing for future generations of businesses owners and their employees.